Where’s Jamie Oliver when you need him?

By June 24, 2012Blog, Life

We have always made the best effort possible to give our son the healthiest of meals. We have not been fanatical about it, but to the best of our abilities we have avoided junk.

In the 18 months he has been with us, he has never seen – let alone been fed any fast food. We have been quite proud of this. What other people feed their children is 100% their choice.

About a week ago our boy was running a very high, feverish temperature and was becoming quite drowsy. We did what any concerned parent would (I hope) and took him to the Urgent Care (commonly known as A&E) Unit of our local general hospital.  I won’t go in to the service and care that was given, because ultimately 4 repeated assessments and 4 hours of waiting later the job was essentially done.

It was required that he stayed up in the children’s ward for a few hours, for observation.  Hmmm. Fair enough. We mentioned to the staff that it was our son’s dinner time. They informed us that there was food available. At this point I had popped home to make some calls etc. On my return our son was just being given his meal, which consisted of 4 chicken nuggets (the reformed bones n all type) and a dozen or so hard-as-nails 3-times-recooked chips.  My jaw hit the floor.

After so long of avoiding filling our child with junk, his first experience of food I would not even feed myself – was in a bloody hospital!!  I said casually “no broccoli on the side”.. A comment which appeared to be spoken in an alien language.

I am not ungrateful for the care and service provided, but both of these aspects really need to be addressed in our hospitals.