The life chart

By June 22, 2012Blog, General, Life

The world is indisputably a place of comparison. This comparison begins before we are even born. In the womb we are measured and compared to other unborn children, and compared to national averages.  Granted it is usually the parents that feel the pressures of their pregnancy being compared to others, firing up all sorts of emotions that are really not needed.  But it only gets worse after the child is born.  Somehow the country has a set rate of development which feels like an exam.  I understand completely why these charts are in place, but it has become so excessive, that it risks taking an element of enjoyment out of watching your child develop.

Why is my child not walking at 9 months when this other child is? Does it really matter? No – because my child is 10 months and written their first symphony!

Throughout school years we are subjected to a ridiculous amount of competitive activities, from sports to exams.  It doesn’t stop there. We instinctively compare our social image to that of our peers through our teenage years, based on financial background and upbringing to mention just a few aspects.  As we reach the end of our school days, we  look forward to ending this tedium of comparison with the view that when we are all grown up as individuals we can stand proud of who we are based on our own merits. Balls.

Who has the best job? Who has the better car? Who has more holidays?  Ultimately all of these aspects detract from the major player in this life game: Who is happiest?

I for one am happy with my lot. More than likely because I do not enter in the comparison game.  I am not the wealthiest man, but I work hard and provide for my family. I have a beautiful wife and and gorgeous little boy.
Life is tough at times, but if I wake up and my family are there – that is enough to keep me going!