Jack of all(?)

By July 17, 2012Blog, Life
Barretts Design owner - Rich Barrett

It’s funny what you learn over the years.
As a web site designer and developer I now find myself with an abundance of generally unrequired knowledge.

Never in my life have I needed to know about hair extensions, apart from to hold a conversation with my wife about them. Nor have I any desire to really know about BioMat technology and its healing properties.

I suppose it is not really harmful to have this knowledge, and may come in handy when I appear on The Weakest Link in the year two-thousand-and-never.

The issue I have is mainly that I have never been one foe storing information that I would actually like to.  My brain has something against learning when it is told to do so.  Any information provided passively is happily stored for eternity.

I would love to develop a number of different skillsets within my profession, but I am unable to store and apply any reading materials.

Good job I know my Swarovski’s from my Springmoors though.

In retrospect I am starting think that the best way forward (for me) is subliminal messages. Even the possibility of piping an audiobook of a PHP manual in to my head while I sleep is becoming appealing.  Aside from the risk of waking up an intolerably boring git, there isn’t much to lose.