Sizzle – How to cook the perfect steak

By June 26, 2012Blog, Life

I cooked steak for myself , my dutiful wife and gorgeous son this evening. This is my take on how to cook the perfect steak.

Not quite web design and development I know, but tasty all the same…

  • 2 Hot Pans – small amount of oil in each.
  • 3 Large and 1 small rump steaks.
  • 2 Tomatoes, halves as the oil heats.
  • Steak-Cut-Fries in oven along side onions rings.

With all of these in place, and when the pans are piping hot – in go the steaks.  In one pan go the three larger steaks, for myself and my good wife.  Smothered in freshly ground pepper and garlic and drowned in red wine.  Bring all back up to heat (the vino cools the pan down a fair bit).  I tend to stir in the pepper and garlic with the vine, to get and even taste throughout. I find that cooking with this method is a good substitute if I do not have any cream to make peppercorn sauce.  The wine also helps cooks the steak evenly.  Makes the whole pan venture somewhat casserole-esque.

The smaller steak and the tomatoes go in the smaller pan.  In case you have not guessed, the smaller steak is for our 18 month old son, and is not being subjected to the heavy seasoning I am partial to.

Flip once or twice (the steaks and tomatoes), serve.

The result was very much enjoyed by all. Well, our son wasn’t that fussed. Casually moving the larger pieces to the side of his tray in his meticulous manner.