Highs and Lows of the Game

By August 15, 2013Blog
My profile on People per hour

When I first made the move to self employment I left a very secure job in technical support for an online advertising company. I was given an offer too good to refuse, which gave me the opportunity to leave my job with one decent paying client already under my belt. This one client alone would be paying about 80% of my household overheads.  I had always wanted to dedicate more of my time to Freelancing, and this break was what I needed to hand my notice over.

Things were great. I was designing all of the adverts for an advertising publication. I was also in charge of the whole publication layout and design.  This lead to a number of website development jobs off the back of the publication (as it was full of legitimate leads).

A few years down the line, the guy who started up the publication had to move away for personal reasons. This left me in a somewhat nail biting situation.  During the time that I had been working on the publication we had moved house to a somewhat isolated area, and with only one car (being used by my wife for her own job) I could not jump into another job.  I had to act fast to ensure that next months bills – not to mention rent – were all paid without too much disruption and financial juggling.

It is at this point I remember that I had previously opened a accounts with  a number of Freelance sites while I was still employed.  I never really got the time to give them my full attention.   There a a lot of these kind of websites around, where you can bid on jobs, but so many of them are either completely saturated with third world development agencies, able to offer services at unrealistically low prices, or they were overwhelmingly complicated to use.

The site I ended up completing my profile on was PeopleperHour.com  – and was I glad I did.  I am by no means a salesman, especially when it comes to selling myself.  The first job I put a proposal down for was quite blunt and constructively critical of the clients website.  This approach clearly worked (as well as my competitive bid) as I actually won the job.

You can imagine my elation. Going from not knowing where the money for the next loaf of bread is coming from , to finding a plausible income source.

The thing is with these kind of sites, People per Hour being no different, is that YOU play a great part in the amount you earn. Not only do you set the price you are willing to work for, but you are driven to up your game due to the competitive nature of the market. If your skills are not up to scratch, then you are going to have a fight on your hands to get another job.

Over time I won more and more clients, and slowly but surely have developed a nice little portfolio. If a picture says a thousand words, then you can image how much having your portfolio to hand helps your proposals to clients.

PPH has become one of the main sources of income for myself.  I am ever thankful to the word of mouth business I have generated for myself over the years, as this is essentially the foundation of my business and any longevity it may have. But I can honestly say that if it were not for PeoplePerHour, then I would not be in the comfortable position I am today.