All Manor of Things

By July 1, 2012Blog, General

We ventured out to see the livestock at Manor House Safari Park, run by that one off the telly who used to do up houses for people.

We do love the place. It makes a nice change from wondering around our usual scenic haunts, and there is much more stimulus for Dylan.  With that said, he was more interested in the trees that the array of foreign wildlife.  As we have stayed at a resort with a dozen peacocks a few times now, he was also completely un-phased by today’s blighters that were scavenging for scraps around his feet.  The same can’t be said for Mummy who launched her sandwich at one when it popped it’s head up from under the picnic table.  One also, got a well deserved flick on the tail feather when it got a little too close to the ginger bread man in Dylan’s hand.

Wildlife aside, the highlight of Dylan’s day was his time in the sandpit.  He found it hilarious flicking sand at daddy while he was trying to build a sandcastle.  The highlight of our day (apart from seeing that-woman-off-the-telly) was seeing our boy enjoy the sand so much. Simple things 🙂

I would like to mention that we are fully aware that the lady in question is called Anna Ryder Richardson, and I mean no disrespect to her by labeling her as I have.  Her input in to the development of the park has given Pembrokeshire a new string to it’s bow, both for  us as locals, and tourists from afar.

We still have not seen this bloody Rhino though!!!